Thursday, February 13, 2014

Episode 53: One More Time

Sit down internets, I have something to tell you...

Granted this is an unusual time to break out a blog, especially since the last one was before the holidays, but this isn't an ordinary day. This is the eve of final shift at Allstate Insurance. Yes, you read that right. No, I wasn't fired (why does everyone keep asking that?), my new job starts Saturday, but before I get into where that is, I'll start with how it came to be...

After a particularly busy year end over at Allstate, I decided to take a couple of days to put my feet up, basically a long weekend. Save a trip to Buffalo to gorge myself on Duff's wings and watch the Sabres lose, I didn't really have any plans in place. Within those days, I started binging on movies. Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Her, Nebraska, Gravity, but you should know about that from reading this month's edition of Minch's Pop Tarts!  

So when I got the invite from Tanski to go see the new Jack Ryan movie at Tinseltown I was just about movied out, but hell, we were going to the bar after so, who am I to complain? But a funny thing happened on the way to bar. Before the movie began, we had a conversation with the GM of Tinseltown, a long conversation, a long conversation that turned into a conversation scheduled for another date, which turned into yet another conversation, which became an offer. An offer I decided, I couldn't refuse.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Minch is returning to the movie theater business!!!

This decision didn't come easily. I wasn't looking for a new job. I don't want to go from holding on to the same gig for almost 13 years to becoming a journeyman who only stays at a job for a year and change like a difficult to employ Incredible Hulk. The thing I kept coming back to is the idea of trying the movie business one more time. It was, after all, a job that I was pretty damn good at, and when not bogged down by...well you know, I really enjoyed.

This is not just me returning back from whence I came, this is Tinseltown. This is me, after a long and storied career at WCW, getting the call up to the WWF, The Show, The Big League, Other Sports Analogy!

While my time at Allstate wasn't terribly long, it certainly was memorable. I had a hell of a boss, and a crew of coworkers who I consider dear friends. And I'm not just blowing smoke, my boss is a guy who, upon finding out I had just broke up with Samantha  came right into my office and talked to me about it, offering advice and genuinely caring about the situation. A hell of a guy. It's not easy to walk away from a boss like that.

So why am I? Realistically, because I believe this job will make me happy. Not "solve all life's problems, and achieve Nirvana happy," no one's job can do that, but happy. It's an opportunity to engage with people who have come to my place of business, not to report an accident, not to argue over a bill, but to be entertained. An opportunity to do it all again, but this time, do it right. Also, if this leads to me getting a job running a theater in sunny Florida, well then that's an added bonus.

This time, it'll be different, because this time, I'm Batman not because I need to be, but because I choose to be. Now, HIT MY MUSIC!!!

Happy Valentines Day,

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  1. Congrats on the new gig! I remember in high school that Tinseltown was the holy grail of movie theaters.